Regardless whether you are beginner or a seasoned professional, nobody can say with a straight face that poker is an easy game to master. You will often hear professionals compare poker to golf, in that with some dedication you can become quite good at poker but it requires a lifetime to master, a feat that not many have the patience to achieve.


Many beginners are often unsure where to start when it comes to strategies for long-term success, which can often leave them frustrated and losing money hand over fist either online or in a traditional casino. Today will be giving you our top strategies for long-term success at poker, which will give you a better chance of winning big and keep you in the game.


Stop drinking at the table now


This really is so obvious that it shouldn’t have to be said. Casinos exist for the sole purpose of making money for their owners or shareholders; they don’t get rich when you win. To help swing the odds more in their favour and keep you at the table they will often offer those who are gambling free drinks. At first this seems like a great deal, you don’t have to get up to go to the bar and you can drink for free all night. But really this is just a con to soften you up to gambling more than you intended. Let’s be honest, how many other important decisions would you make when under the influence of alcohol? Not many if you’re anything like me. Treat playing poker like a job, skip the alcohol so you can think clearly and have the best chance of winning.

Improve your knowledge of all the poker hands

Many poker players don’t know the value of their hand as well as they think they do. This can result in poor decision-making and really impede your ability to win at the table. Before diving into a poker game online or at the casino, be sure do some study so that you know the value of all hands inside out and back to front. You’ll thank me later.

Learn the rules of your game

Unlike days gone by, there are now more varieties of poker than ever before. To succeed at any of them in the long term you need to know the rules of your chosen game like the back of your hand. For beginners just starting out, focus on just one variety of poker before learning another.

Become a professional and ignore the theatre of the game

The best poker players don’t let the excitement and theatre of the game interfere with their focus once sitting at the table. Don’t allow another player to get inside your head in any way, block them out and focus on your game. For those that are unable to do this, its best to avoid casinos and play online where this element of the game does not exist.


Reel Thunder, released in 1999, is an impressive online slot game that has wowed gamers with its excellent game play. The tablet and mobile version launched in 2013 is undoubtedly an icing on the cake for the game enthusiasts. The Microgaming slot game is launched in the HTML5 version for mobile and is modified for use in Android and iOS devices.

What is new in the mobile version?

The main theme is based on motorway with many exciting and colorful symbols including motorcycle wheel, biker pig, biker silhouette, and hot dog, pint of beer, tachometer, cruising sign, chili pepper and pancakes. For the Wild and scatter icons, you have angel-winged hearts and engine block.

Though the mobile version does not have many new or special features as an improvement of the earlier game, there are some big opportunities here as well as chances to make big wins. Wild substitute and Scatter wins also add on the reward pile considerably.

The game breakdown

To enhance the play in tablet and mobile, the software developer has deleted some major options from the main menu, even though you do not have much of selection originally.

There are totally four denominations to choose from, nine fixed pay lines and the option of selecting the wager size you want by hitting the button for making the bet.

When you move left, you see the settings tab. This lets you select the coin sizes, which are four in number.

The range starts from $0.25 and stops until $2. This implies that the betting range is between $18 and $2.25 for every reel spin. There is also an option for disabling or enabling the audio. You also get a quick spin choice to opt for.

Pay table

This setting can be seen when you swipe twice on the right. This features details about the pay line scheme and special features other than the payouts. To get a payout, you need to get two identical symbols in a pay line that is active from left towards right direction, while Scatters give payouts at any place.

Bonus features

While there are no bonus-game options and free spins, the Scatter and Wild symbols offer sufficient solace in the mobile slot. Wild featured as an angel-winged heart with exhaust pipes can be used as a substitute for all types of symbols except Scatter. For Scatter, the Engine block is used and gives payouts on the range of 50x for five symbols, 20x for four symbols and 5x for three symbols. In addition, the symbols can appear in any place of the screen.

High wins

Though Reel Thunder slot game is not designed on the lines of progressive jackpot, there are some really big payouts here. When a player wagers a minimum of nine coins for a spin, a winning amount of 10,000 credits is possible, if the active pay line has five symbols of biker pigs.

Mobile game with an edge

The mobile game lets you travel on route 66 accompanies by wild and scatters pleasurably. When compared to the other Microgaming slot games in mobile version, the Reel Thunder game has the bet and spin options moves to the side screen. You can now easily opt for bet and spin with your thumbs while holding the phone. This type of control is the first of its kind in the mobile slot games and increases playability largely. A smooth and better gaming experience is therefore possible here. The game reels are also smaller than the other games.

Even with the restricted space, the game still manages to hold your attention because of its simple game plan. The roaring Harleys, sizzling guitars, hot dogs and fried breakfast all complete the game giving it an authentic American touch, letting you enjoy the game more.


No limit Hold’em is a game of skill and technique but it also requires a great amount of tenacity. On many occasions you will be required to bluff in order to take the pot but this is where many players falter. However, follow our savvy tips below and you’ll be on your way to bluffing success.

Number of Opponents

It’s common sense that if you attempt to bluff too many players your success rate will diminish. The golden rule should be that you should never attempt to bluff more than two opponents.Texas hold’em bluffing is all about precision timing and identifying the right situation so keep this in mind at all times.


Position is a great weapon to have at your disposal and it is far more difficult to win pots when you are out of position. Having the correct position allows you to analyse your opponent’s moves before the action reaches you and it is always safer bluffing after other players have checked.

The Right Opponent

There will always be some players at the table that you will be able to dictate and control more than others. Conservative players are easier to bluff than loose aggressive opponents because these players will raise you often just to evoke a response. If you have identified that certain players are predictable (who check when they have weak hands) then your bluffing ratio will rise sharply.


If you play often enough, eventually you will encounter superior opponents. More skilful players operate on higher levels and will test your range. For example, if you attempt a small bluff by stealing the blinds then you need to remember that in situations where the table has folded around to you in a late position- and you raise- your remaining opponents will be expecting you to make this move. In this instance, the bluff can be less effective so don’t be predictable.

Bet Sizes

A major error many hold’em players make when they bluff is to miscalculate the bet sizes. To place this point into context, imagine that the pot is on the river and you firmly believe that your opponent is weak and you have no pair. If you then bet an amount that is too low, your opponent will call just to find out what you have.


Above all it takes practise to master the art of Texas hold’em bluffing. Strategy sites like can help you improve your skills by offering some other useful tips but the best advice is to hit the felt and try it out for yourself.


It isn’t easy sometimes to pick a game online where you can spend some fun time and scoop up a nice cash prize. However, there’s an overall agreement about one specific game that is highly profitable and enjoyable at the same time – Video poker (also known as video slots). What’s interesting is why this game is one of the most favourite ways to win money online by most active players. Professionals from the gaming industry say that the reason is actually simple – video poker is, unlike other games of chance, also a game of skill. While the cards are shuffled and randomly played, the player does make decisions for which cards to hold and which discard, hence increasing the chances of a good poker hand that might pay out more.

Let’s have a look at different types of video poker games that suit all tastes and bankrolls. First, do some research about the site that offers a good selection of different video poker games and perhaps even a special sign-up or video poker bonus? Always take advantage of free bonus cash or playing credits, it will save you a few quid right at the beginning.

Newbies should start playing simple video poker games to get familiar; it’s recommended to play them for free in the so called demo mode. Get familiar and also read a few articles about basic video poker strategies. Those strategies for the game Jacks or better are easy to grasp, the game doesn’t have wild cards or bonus features.

More fun and adrenalin rushes are included when you decide to play video poker versions like Joker Poker or Deuces Wild. Yet another advantage of those variants is that you can achieve some nifty Royal Flush hands with the help of wild cards.

Professionals or wannabe pros should try video poker versions that offer potentially high winnings and or jackpots. There aren’t many video poker games that have been connected to a progressive jackpot, but it’s worth picking them. Payout rates of 100% or even more aren’t unheard of being achieved while playing versions like Double Bonus or Deuces Wild. Again, check some video poker review sites and compare the paytables as well.


When it comes to real poker, the feeling of making a hero call and takes all the chips of the opponents’ is the only way to go. The following are some of the top real money poker sites below.

William Hill Poker – With the best sign-up bonus of 200% up to $2,000, William Hill is one of the best online poker sites to play poker.

888poker- Often ranked as the topmost online poker site, 888poker offers 100% sign-up bonus up to $888 to its members.

Party Poker – With a 100% sign-up bonus of up to $500, Party Poker is surely a treat for any poker lover.

Betfair Poker – This is another top online poker known for its alluring bonuses of around $700. It is highly popular among regular poker players.

Titan Poker – The Titan Poker is another best poker site that provides a bonus of $2,000 to its members. The players can really make the most out of their highly efficient interface and round the clock working customer service.

These were some of the best online poker sites which offer huge advantages to their members. The extreme competition in the online poker industry has only benefited a large number of poker players.


Luck most definitely plays an important role in the two lovely games of Bingo and Poker. Nevertheless, as every game has its share of tips and tricks, Bingo and Poker share some too. Following these closely, can increase the probabilities of your winning by a large stake.

For the game of Bingo, buy tickets of a higher value. These tickets have a better array of numbers. Since everything is chalked into the system, these tickets most probably have a higher percentage of giving you’re a winning pattern. Keep Bingo cards to a minimum number. Do not buy more than two cards to play with at one time. It will help in better concentration and you can easily identify the winning digits. Double check all number while you mark them off. Read as many online reviews as you can, for a better understanding of the games. Practice makes man perfect. Play as many times as you can to gain experience and seek advice from veterans in chat rooms. You are sure to find this immensely fruitful. Careful scan offers online of various bingo playing sites to check for promotions, offers and other bumper prizes. Some Bingo sites, like Big Brother Bingo for example, have much attractive offers and bonuses than the others.

In playing Poker, it proves very useful to keep your playing strategy a secret. You do not want anyone to know your ideas and figure you out. Do not discuss your game or show anyone while you play poker. Try to play with players who are comparatively weaker in the game than you are. Another very important factor in Poker is to search for a system that suits the pay you are playing. While searching for a suitable system to suit your needs, imagine yourself as a player playing the game. This shall help you to find the right system for you. Following these simple tips and tricks can help you get a winning hand in the game fairly with ease. Fortunately with the current revolution in the gaming industry, you have a wide variety of Bingo and Poker games to choose from with very high stakes of winning. Therefore it can be rightly said, that almost everyone who indulge in the pleasures of these fabulous games, emerge winners.


For any gambler, a profitable return on their outlay is the promised land. The good news is that the plethora of online bookmakers now available provides the perfect foundations for gamblers of all disciplines to build a bankroll worthy of regard. With free bets and promotional offers abound, it is not only possible but also a great opportunity for gamers to turn their hobby into their meal ticket.

Each gambler has his methods and systems, but for today’s technology-literate gamers the online world is one which is too fertile to ignore. The unlimited nature of the Internet means that the number of bookmakers is increasing, as new bookies attempt to carve themselves a niche in the market. With so many free play bookmakers, here, at their fingertips, gamblers need go no further than their front room or favorite coffee house to follow their bets.

The same is true of the field. While betting sites provide hordes of information for their players regarding sports players, selections, horses, conditions and a host of other factors that affect bets made on sports, they cannot hope to hold all of the information available on the web. Canny gamblers will use this to their advantage and gather all of the latest information on the markets on which they are set to bet, utilizing the best possible resources available to them and simply not available to brick and mortar bookmakers.

The next major advantage for online gamblers is the sheer amount of free bets and promotions available online. There is no better bet than a free bet, and the competitive business of gambling means that there are always new and innovative bets available for gamblers to make with no outlay on their part. Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of accounts or promotions allowed from competing sites. In this way a gambler can access all of the various free bets on offer from each bookmaker, in theory making money from each and thriving from the competition rather being thrived upon.

With increasing numbers of bookmakers plonking marketing budgets into harnessing social media and increasing numbers of browsers using such media, it follows that gamers everywhere can keep up to date with the various promotions and offers available to them through their laptop or smartphone. In such a 24 hour culture, gamblers can keep their fingers on the pulse of betting across worldwide markets, and a world that never sleeps becomes a bankroll that never stops.

The modern environment means that bettors are empowered with the tools required to fashion their own gaming promised land. Through exploiting the technology at their fingertips and the offers and promotions made easily available to them, gamblers everywhere can ensure that they take as much of the thriving business as the bookmakers themselves.